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"Freak Mechanique" FAQ
Updated 11-14-09


How many pieces will be on display?

The show consists of twenty-seven new original works of art. Doktor A.'s creative genius will be on display in a diverse collection of toys, paintings and drawings.


Will Doktor A. be in attendance?

Unfortunately Doktor A. is not able to hop the pond and attend in person due to family commitments (something about protecting a baby from men in white coats). However we will have a retrobotic video feed in place so that attendees can interact with the good Doktor during the show.


Will you have other Doktor A. merchandise on sale?

Yes, we'll have production toys including mini and full-size Mechtorians and Kanizas available for purchase.


What is the price range on the artwork? 

The original artwork ranges in price from $150 to $1500 (USD).


I heard there is going to be an exclusive toy?

Yes, you've heard correctly! We'll unveil the design of a very limited 5 inch Mad*L at the opening. Attendees will be the first to see and touch a prototype version. The toy is scheduled for release on November 21st simultaneously from Designer Con in Pasadena California and LIFT in Royal Oak. Any remaining stock will be available for purchase online later in the day.


Where can I find more information?

You'll find more info and sneak peaks of select pieces on online blogs such as Spanky Stokes, Tomopop & Vinyl Pulse. You can also visit Doktor A.'s website at www.spookypop.com.


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