Artist Biographies

 Sharon H. Bell

After moving around 100 times (about a dozen, really), Sharon has settled in a lovely ghetto community in the center of Columbus.  Her favorite artists include (but are in no way limited to) Lane Smith, Maurice Sendak, Tim Burton and Dave McKean, all of whom she derives inspiration.  She also is inspired by her amazing assortment of family and friends.  When Sharon is not painting pictures or customizing toys, she likes to crochet and has launched a line of stuffed, crocheted creatures called Unlucky Yuckies. 


"My influences come from nature and all of its components although I truly love the city which has robbed nature of its landscape, but provided an aesthetic like none in nature. I have been a graffiti writer for fucking ever now so letters, signage, graphic design, sales adds, mass marketing, and public/industrial transportation all tickle my fancy a bit. Recently I have been accepting more traditional fine art influences into my approach and have found so comfort in the world of abstract expression. I never had an art class so i have either learned from my mistakes or those artists close to me that gave me pointers before I had to make a mistake. If i had to name names of the artists that currently hold a place in my approach they be: Jackson Pollack, Robert Rouschenberg, Wands tm7, Cope 2 kd, and a host of local cats that reside at this place I call home: Junctionview Studios. We host some of Columbus Ohio's best known art events like the Agora, C Note, and Tiny Canary shows. They allow all of the local indie artists to have a home and gain exposure to audiences in excess of 3,500 people and an amazingly diverse crowd. All of these people and instances have influenced my approach to art and how to make it work!"   Coreroc

Cyrus Fire

"Some of what I create begins with a simple sketch that is then transferred to canvas. After the transfer I begin to reshape and recreate the initial idea into something new. A lot of the more recent images that I have been making are patterned after the creative spirit based around my favorite styles of music such as late 70's Acid Jazz, rock, and especially Hip Hop. Improvisation and adaptation are key elements to most of the music that inspires me. I believe that being able to make a mark or a series of marks with out a definite end in mind can be very invigorating, as well as a great exercise. I believe that by creating images in this way I am able to reach outside of my self and find answers to problems in ways that I wouldn't normally be able to." Cyrus Fire

Skye Dalrymple

Skye is 18 years old and was awarded the prestigious Trustees Award at the Columbus College of Art and Design in which she was given a full ride to the institution. She is a national Scholastic Awards Portfolio Winner and was the grand prize winner of the Ohio Short Film and Video Showcase with her animation "Sympathy.  Skye also enjoys wearing gas masks and falsely claiming to be a taxidermist. 

Dan Gerdeman 

Dan is one of eight children and grew up in North Baltimore, Ohio. Population 3000.   Gerdeman makes art ferociously, loves 70s AM Gold Hits, Old New Wave, post punk music, and Fellini/Spike Lee/David Lynch Movies. He drove a tank during the Cold War, studied  printmaking with David Cayton at BGSU, and did his graduate work in Art Ed at The Ohio State University. 

His biggest influences are "The Toonerville Folks," by Fontaine Fox and 1970s Marvel Comics. Much of his work examines the egocentric, pathetic, and profound American man, woman, and child.

Dan is the advanced drawing and painting instructor at Hilliard Davidson High School.  He is married to costume designer Judy Chesnut, and the father of three budding astronauts/UFC champs.  He is a hopeful smart aleck and hopes his work is much the same.

Marina Goldshteyn

"In my dream world i would have as many arms as an octopus, a never ending slushee machine, at least 4 dogs who speak fluent english, live in an house made of clouds, and own a theme park called ice cream mountain.......but since i live in reality i try and take those dreams and illustrate them into what some may call art. Being creative is one of the most important things i try and hold on to. Challenging myself and exploring different aspects of art opens my mind and makes me very happy with my life which makes me think that, as long as you can dream, reality won't seem so bad."   - Marina Goldshteyn

Joey Monsoon

Joey is a self-taught artist from Columbus, OH. He was raised in the suburbs by a single-father, with the help of comic books and cable television. His work depicts the folk heroes of a personal mythology. He is influenced by the work of Egon Schiele, Barry McGee, Futura, Doze Green, Joseph Campbell and Mike Tyson.   He loves his wife, his dogs, the music of Clutch and the ghost of Bill Hicks.

Luke Powers

Born in a soybean town, a popcorn land, birthplace of America's formerly worst president & magnet for cancer; Luke utilizes multiple techniques & processes to create useless objects of desire. Context, content, the frame & the edge are important to Luke.  He often employs a system of personal iconography in his work. Pop, Dada, Fluxus, collage, modernist painting, thrift stores, Devo, Ohio, popcorn, charlatans, saw blade paintings & quadruple cheeseburgers are all equally important influences on the artist.

Stephanie Rond

Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ohio State University in 1997.  Her most recent body of work deals with American cultural icons, stereotypes and craft. When shes not in the studio you can find her hiding in the local library behind a huge stack of books.  When she grows up she would like to be a crossword puzzle guru and domestic cat herder.  Stephanie has had solo shows in Columbus and Chicago; group shows include local, state, national and international exhibits. She exhibits consistently and is involved in many arts organizations including the Ohio Art League and ROY G BIV Gallery.  In addition, Stephanie is Curator of the Carnegie Gallery at Main Library in Columbus Ohio. She is also part of the art collective Cowtown Lowbrow and co-founder of CAW, Creative Arts of Women.