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Opening 6-13-09
A solo exhibit by Coreroc


Coreroc is an artist willing to tackle any medium thrown at him. Beginning his artistic journey with no formal art training, he found comfort in the world of Graffiti art. Coreroc has been painting lettering and abstract 3d images since circa 1992. He has since established himself as one of the most prolific graffiti writers in Ohio.

In the current day, his styles reflect confidence with letter forms and a strong attention to detail. Rendering words with everything from acrylic to wood, Coreroc always incorporates aerosol paint in his works, creating backgrounds with almost infinite depth created by the most random combinations of aerosol strokes and mists. His lettering takes the obvious foreground presence with clean execution. Whether his art is hung in a gallery or in a destroyed warehouse, it's sure to captivate any audience.


Closing 6-5-09
Multiple Personalities 2 Group Exhibit

LIFT presents our largest open-format exhibit to date, featuring custom toys and wall art from 50 artists and graphic designers from around the world. 

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Upcoming Exhibits

AUG  Custom Skate Deck Show
OCT  Lowbrow Group Show (tentative)
NOV  Doktor A Solo Show
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Previous Exhibits

10-25-08 - 11/25/08
MADL Citizens Exhibit

LIFT presents an all star line-up of today's top artists and graphic designers working on the 10" MAD*L Do-It-Yourself canvas. The show also features the release of Tristan Eaton's limited edition Detroit MAD*L.

Photos from the Show

Artist List


11-29-08 - 12-31-08
Winter Munny Show volume 3

LIFT presents the 3rd annual Winter Munny Show featuring 30 artists using the Munny, mini-Munny and Mega-Munny formats..

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