Mr. D'eth
The skull-faced specter from beyond




Some of the very early Mechtorians tried sometimes to be too much like their human creators.  Such was the misfortune of Reginald D'eth.  His makers modeled his cranium too closely on anatomical drawings of their absent erstwhile creators.  And gifted poor Reg with a visage too shocking for general society.  His basic stick-like arms didn't help the overall appearance of post mortem emaciation and he found himself hiding away from people gaze lest he induce in them a feeling of dread.  He filled his solitary days with a love of stamp collecting and an appreciation of fine jellied fruits.  Until one fateful day the Freakshow circus visited his neighborhood and he found sanctuary.



 ABS, brass, rubber, lead, polymer clay, walnut wood, found objects.


 12.75 inches tall