Mechtorian Toys
constructed of Vinyl/ABS



Stephan LePodd "Sunday Best" Version


 -We have only a few of each toy available -
Toys will ship on 11-16-09

In 1890 the French explorer Stephan LePodd lost his arms, legs and one lung in an unfortunate miscalculation whilst on a trip mapping new Volcanoes in the south Pacific. Luckily, due to his huge family wealth and favorable connections within The Ministry's department for cyber-steam development, he was able to attain the use of a prototype Self Ambulatory Environment Protection Suit initially intended for deep-sea divers. After a trip to his tailor to make the thing "Look respectable at dinner parties and the theatre" he successfully re-entered polite society. Stephan is one of the few part biological members of Retropolis's society. He made the move as he felt his new found longevity would seem improper around anyone but that peculiar Dorian fellow...


Mechtorians Series 1
Complete set of 6 mini figures
Individually Packaged
Height: 3-4 inches



Stephan LePodd "The Entertainer"
SDCC Version (Red/Black)
Run Size: 150 pieces
Height: 8 inches



Stephan LePodd "Sunday Best"
Original Version (Blue)
Run Size:  300
Height:  8 inches


Stephan LePodd DIY Version
Run Size:  ??
Height: 8 inches