Dexter Robes Maudsley
Give Half a Penny for His Thoughts



Note: Sinister is sold separately

His parents wanted identical twins!  In fact that's what they commissioned.  But when due to a clerical error only one little bundle of joy was delivered to them things got heated.

All the funds for children were spent.  Another baby was out of the financial question not to mention the fact that another one made separately from the first would never be quite the same.  Arguments and threats of legal action against the workshop that made him did nothing to change the situation.  So Dexters's father took drastic action.  Driven to the edge of desperation and logic he did his best to turn their one offspring into two.  He was not a craftsman and the job was not neat or skillful but it worked. Dexter is the more artistic of the twins.  He is a curious, observant and a but absentminded.


 Contains parts of a Creative Peeples toy and a Kaniza toy and includes wooden base and glass dome
   Vinyl, rubber, lead, polymer clay, paper, ABS, brass, styrene, glass, cedar wood, steel, found objects


 Figure: 6 inches tall;  Overall height: 13.5 inches (including stand and dome)